I Made Meatballs Yesterday

Somewhere along the line - and I have no idea where - I got it into my head that meatballs were challenging. That making good meatballs is tricky and difficult to get right. That they were difficult. So I never even attempted it, and I continued to use those dreary, frozen gray balls. Until yesterday.

Reduce Your Cognitive Load in the next 5 Minutes and Finally Get Things Done

This isn't a hack. It's not a trick. It's not even all that inventive, or crazy, or mind blowing. It might just be life changing. Or maybe that's hyperbole. It's just something simple that you know needs done, yet you continually put it off. As a result your brain is overworked. You're stressed out. Frustrated that you can't get ahead.

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Customer Success

H&R Block and the Case of the Courtesy Call

I admit it. I filed my taxes with H&R Block this year. I know, I know. Evil faceless corporations, plumbers on the side, all that stuff. Usually I do my own taxes, but they were particularly...


Mocking HTTP Requests with Vue.js and Vue-Resource

A simple, practical approach to simulating your HTTP request/response lifecycle.

Building an Image Slider with Vue.js

An image slider is the quintessential use case for vue.js. It's a single, distinct component that requires data management, DOM updates, and user interaction. Learn how to build a very basic slider with Vue.

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We live in an unparalleled Golden Age. We are not slaves. Nor are we beholden to some malicious authority. Most of us have the ability, if we are miserable in life, to reach up and change our...


I choose to love the work I do. I work with clients whom I enjoy working with, on projects that are meaningful and allow for creative flexibility. Business can be about more than money. Profits...

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Journey Business

Rebranding the Lifestyle

The "lifestyle business" has grown some negative connotations due to a misunderstanding of its purpose. It's time we rebrand ourselves and reclaim our identity.


A Conversation on SEO

I recently overheard a conversation about Search Engine Optimization between two local contractors I know. These are small business guys, they both have their own contractor business in different...

How Are People Finding Your Website?

Most small clients I work with have never used Analytics before. While this is frustrating for me as a consultant, it isĀ even more frustrating to them as a business. There really is a lot of great...

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Top Wordpress Plugins - From the Mouth of the Master

No, not my list! I'm a little bit more humble than that. Who else but Joost de Valk? He rocks Wordpress with some of the best plugins available, gives us great advice on his blog, and now has...


3 Tips for Writing Homepage Content

Content writing tends to get overlooked when designing web pages. Conversion tips tell you to think about colors, positioning, and grabbing attention. All of that is important, but without quality...