5 Minutes at a Time

A series of tiny, daily challenges that aim to improve your life in small ways. We all lead busy lives. It's tough to find time to experience new things or change old habits. 5MAT gives you a unique challenge every day designed to do just that, in 5 minutes or less.

Aurora Board

Daily task boards that hold you accountable. Aurora Board helps you plan out your day, and stick to your goals.

Double Your Conversion Rate

Drive more leads through your marketing funnel without spending more on ads. This short guide teaches you 5 practical steps you can take right now to improve the opt-in rate on all of your landing pages.


Momentum is a short series of emails designed to put your business in a sustainable growth mindset. It’s perfect for established freelancers, solopreneurs, and small online businesses that have plateaued, or are struggling with their marketing efforts.

Movie Watch

A movie rating platform.

Phaser Health Meter

Phaser Health Meter is a Phaser plugin that lets you easily insert health meters for your sprites. Meters can be attached to any sprite and update dynamically based on the sprite's health component.


Umoja is the written record of your relationship. It's a tool for couples to experience, document, and remember their lives together.