We live in an unparalleled Golden Age. We are not slaves. Nor are we beholden to some malicious authority. Most of us have the ability, if we are miserable in life, to reach up and change our...


I choose to love the work I do. I work with clients whom I enjoy working with, on projects that are meaningful and allow for creative flexibility. Business can be about more than money. Profits...


I love problem solving. Finding a solution to a difficult problem is satisfying on a deeply personal and emotional level.


When play becomes a job, it eventually becomes work. There are times, no matter how much we love and enjoy what we do, that we don’t want to do it. We must have the fortitude of willpower to work...


Once we establish what is making us miserable, our options are - automate it - delegate it


We automate tasks when possible and when beneficial. Our general criteria for automation is - is this a task we don’t like doing? - that we have to do on a regular basis? At least monthly.