I Made Meatballs Yesterday

Somewhere along the line - and I have no idea where - I got it into my head that meatballs were challenging. That making good meatballs is tricky and difficult to get right. That they were difficult. So I never even attempted it, and I continued to use those dreary, frozen gray balls. Until yesterday.

Reduce Your Cognitive Load in the next 5 Minutes and Finally Get Things Done

This isn't a hack. It's not a trick. It's not even all that inventive, or crazy, or mind blowing. It might just be life changing. Or maybe that's hyperbole. It's just something simple that you know needs done, yet you continually put it off. As a result your brain is overworked. You're stressed out. Frustrated that you can't get ahead.

Better Hurry! Your Coupons Expire Soon!

One of my favorite pastimes is watching other people’s marketing campaigns and dissecting them. That and football. Marketing is often a game of mimicry. Very few people blaze new ground and set

Ego Pumps

On occasion, I like to think about what I'm saying and how I am saying it. The other day, I found myself using a lot of self-congratulatory phrases.

Excellent Quality... Excessive Cost

I'm hardly a typography expert. I'm not even a designer. But it's clear to me there is an issue with the presentation on this card.

The Reservoir of Goodwill

In Steve Krug's seminal book on Web Usability, _Don't Make Me Think_, he proposes the concept that website visitors have a reservoir of goodwill toward a site, and that the site can either refill...

Giving Your Website a Purpose

One of the questions I always ask clients during the interview process is, "What is the purpose of your website? Who do you want to see it, and what do you want them to do on it?"

Some Stats & Facts

89% of consumers are looking for products online. 93% of purchases done offline.

Is Your Business Getting the Most Out of Your Online Presence? A Questionnaire

Who is your target market? Who do you intend on serving with your website? Any good business has researched and understands their target market. However, online this might vary from the traditional offline persona. In fact, part of your website's goal may be catering to your employees.

Converting Customers: Smaller Isn't Always Better

(Everyone already knew that smaller isn't always better, right?) Technology for the past decade has revolved around making things smaller. It's important. We don't want clunky power-hogging...

Creating a Successful Website for Your Business

There are several stages of thought about creating a successful website. The first man simply wants a website because everyone else has it. His website ends up being forgotten about after it's...