5 Minutes at a Time


5MAT is a series of tiny, 5 minute experiments. These experiments should be inspiring. They should stretch your perception of yourself and of life. They should stimulate you toward being more reflective and introspective. They should help you be more proactive rather than reactive.

Every day, you will receive an email detailing a specific task… a task that most people would never do, or even think of doing. By spending 5 minutes a day, you will better your life through a variety of activities such as

  • sitting outside and simply watching the world around you
  • taking stock of what you ate yesterday and consider how you could eat better today
  • listening to your favorite song, but actually listening to the music and the words instead of multitasking

Each item is small and trivial on its own, but together they are geared toward making you a more introspective person that is able to enjoy life. I'm only asking for 5 minutes every day for a month. That works out to just two and a half hours, or the length of a short Peter Jackson film.