Your business is amazing.
You poured your heart and soul into it.
You deserve to succeed.
We make that happen.


We help business build automated sales processes that drive revenue growth.

We engineer creative solutions to the tough sales and marketing decisions you face every day as a small business owner.

Our partners are successful online entrepreneurs, but they need someone with the experience to direct their marketing efforts. That's us.

When these entrepreneurs work with us, they are more efficient. We create a strong data-based reporting framework, enabling them to make informed business decisions. They are able to focus on profitable marketing avenues. They marketing efforts are organized. They better understand their customers.

We help them discover why customers love them, amplify what makes them unique, expand their marketing reach, and achieve greater success in their business.

We have helped

  • a software business grow their revenue 20% month over month by changing their signup flow based on our analysis
  • a health coach drive 78% more prospects through email marketing
  • a coaching course for women grow their email list by more than 15000 leads, for less than $1 per lead

Already convinced? Let's talk business!


Cassie is an entrepreneur. And a great one at that. An expert in her industry - she helps coach professional women through psychological blocks. Her customers love her.

She came to us with a business problem. Despite being amazing at what she does, her business had hit a plateau. It stopped growing.

You see, Cassie is an entrepreneur and an expert at her industry, but she is not a marketer or a sales person. She doesn’t have a business partner with the experience to fill this gap. Instead, she found herself at a point where she was spending so much time stressing out over how to reach new customers that she barely had time to actually run her business. Even worse, because she couldn’t focus on her skillset, her customers weren’t receiving as much value from her as they could.

She needed a partner. Someone that could come in, get a good feel for her business, and take the reins on the entire marketing & sales pipeline. That’s exactly what we did. We became her marketing partner, so she could focus on what she does best.

And it was a smashing success. We broke out of the growth rut she had been stuck in for months.

We nearly doubled her email marketing list.

Within 4 months we made her $100,000.

More importantly? Cassie could stop stressing about where her sales were going to come from and devote her attention toward creating value for her customers.


Laura Roeder
Founder, Edgar

Matthias was instrumental in growing Edgar from idea to over $1.5 million in annual revenue. His analysis and insights helped us make informed marketing decisions.


Our (Proven) Marketing Methodologies

In a world full of assembly line business solutions and cookie cutter marketing advice, we are unbelievers. We don’t heed the advice of Madison Avenue suits or work from home experts purely because they claim to be the best. We test everything; we prove what works and what does not, and subscribe only to our own marketing philosophies. We hew our own paths. We are the bad boys.

(That's what we like to think, anyway.)


The key to the Long Game is Customer Success

The marketing world is full of hacks. Both the people kind and the strategy kind. Everyone is looking to get ahead right now. While there is nothing wrong with getting ahead, the easiest way to get immediate results is through short term hacks that come at the expense of long term success. You know, things like spamming people with emails.

Sure, it will work for a little while. Eventually your customers hate you and email providers shut you down.

We don't think that way. We love seeing results right away as much as anyone, but we play the long game. And the long game comes down to customer success. We want our customers to walk away from the transaction feeling like a million bucks. When this happens, something magical follows. These customers brag about you to their friends. They talk about you on social media. And they come back to you again and again.

This mindset works in our own business, and it works with every business.

With our help you will deliver amazing customer experiences. You will delight customers. You will impress them.

And you'll win the long game.


Rachael Lowe
Soul Level Love

They were such an integral part of our very first 6 figure launch. Every time we had an important sales or marketing decision they had a ton of knowledge to share and we came up with a solid plan of action.


Experiment Driven Marketing

Have you ever received and email something like this? “Hi, I’m Dave, and I love your website, but I noticed that it is not optimized, and I can help you with that by providing the key analytics and content you need to be found by all the major search engines.” The email then goes on to list five steps necessary to optimizing your site.

The problem is, Dave has sent the same email with the same five steps to thousands of businesses all across the country! Generic things like, "use headlines with keywords in them." In truth, there is no One-Size-Fits-All answers to marketing.

Or, maybe you have received an email that asks if you would like to be in the top three results on a Google search. There is no genie in a bottle that one can unleash and get in the top three results on a Google search.

It really comes down to this: no generic advice works for every business.

So we at 2HelixTech eschew the normal.

We approach our marketing with the scientific method - we are sort of geeky afterall, but not in that “it’s cool to like comic book movies” sort of way. (Although we do watch our share of comic book movies.)

We treat marketing as a continual series of small experiments, each with a hypothesis - an end goal - in mind. The only way to discover the most efficient attack vectors for your business is to test all the possible scenarios. That is why we have developed our own Experiment Marketing Framework.

The entire process hinges upon speed - how fast can we iterate? How quickly can we optimize what works and get rid of what doesn’t? Once we find a working, repeatable solution then we build the foundation necessary to automate and optimize it, tapping it to its fullest potential.

This cycle repeats, ad infinitum. The result is a continual series of small wins, all cascading into huge success for our clients.

Success is a series of small wins that continually build upon one another.


We grew our list by 60% in 4 months. Honestly, this is one of the very first launches I've been a part of that took off with ease.


Creative Marketing Development.

There they were, a couple of great marketing minds teeming with ideas that would surely lead to huge results. They pounded out the details, researched the market, the competition, they understood the business personality, everything was approved and the strategy was ready to go. They did everything they could on their own end and they submitted their work requests to the engineering department.

And waited.

And waited.

Engineering always had their hands full with something else. Every time they started to work on the marketing projects something else would pop up - a meeting, a bug, down time. The marketing tasks always fell to the way side.

The moral of the story is not that engineers are bad at prioritization. I wouldn't speak ill of them - engineers make the world go round. But they have their own tasks and their own priorities and marketing development tends to be low on that list. So what's the solution? How do we get our development intensive projects created?

We do it ourselves, of course. We are not just marketers, we're marketing engineers. We've built a team with the capacity to not only research and strategize and analyze, but to take those projects to completion. We can write, we can design, we can build.


Marketing Automation

Scaling is hard. You wish you had 30 hours a day to devote to growing your business, but unfortunately you have to do things like sleeping and eating and video gaming. It's tough focusing on writing a sales page when you know Bowser is still out there terrorizing the world.

If only there was a better way. A way that we could accomplish certain repetitive tasks with minimal effort. Where we could delegate out the tasks we hate. And automate those that annoy us.

That's why humans developed tools and machines. So we can spend more time playing Super Mario World for the thirtieth time.

At 2HelixTech, we are masters of automation. It's like our very own superpower. It helps us to be more efficient and effective than we already are. When a task becomes a hindrance, or a time sink, we take a step back and look at it from another angle. If possible, we find a way to set it on autopilot.

We still work hard, but we also work smart.

The result is this: we spend more time on the important tasks and less time on the repetitive, generating better results for you.


Data Inspired, Customer Driven

It's hip these days to be a "data driven" startup. These businesses have the right idea but they get carried away. They focus on the numbers and forget the faces behind them. The result is often a passionless, formless corporation interested only in their bottom line at the expense of everything - including their customers' happiness.

Not that we're bitter, or anything.

In this part of the woods, our motto goes a little differently. We like to say we are data inspired, customer driven. Sometimes we say it people oriented, data driven.

Matthias is clever, agile and a true problem-solver. Gathering accurate data across a wide range of platforms and sources is not easy, but Matthias was able to boil it all down into easy to understand and useful metrics.
- Laura Roeder, founder of Edgar

When we work we always have the customer in mind. Usually a specific customer. And it's usually someone like our friend or our father. And we never forget the face of our father.

We love quantitative results, the kind you can show in a boardroom and the only thing you're ashamed of is choosing the wrong photo for your PowerPoint slide. We spend more time inside spreadsheets and Analytics tools and databases than is probably healthy.

But below all those numbers are faces of people.

So we talk to those people. We discover what makes them tick, what they expect out of your business, and we figure out how you can turn them into loyal customers.

We focus on customer feedback. We help you tie it into every corner of your business so that you can make the right decision, not just the data driven decision, but the customer driven decision.


Do you want to grow your business?

Most entrepreneurs who come to us are people who are passionate about what they do, and are already successful. But they either don't have the experience necessary or don't have the time to devote to their marketing and sales pipeline. They need a partner. Someone that brings experience. Someone that can help them grow their business. That's what we do.

Does "we're in the business of growing businesses" sound too cheesy? What about "we have a green thumb for businesses?" Okay, way too cheesy. But it's the truth, and it's a good truth. One we're proud of.

Send us a message below so we can help you with your marketing and sales pipeline. We read and reply to every message - this is one thing we don't automate!

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