2HelixTech helps boost your online presence through the the merging of marketing and technology.

We believe a business website acts as the face of the business. We don’t treat your website as just another project, or a pretty graphic to add to our portfolio. Likewise, our clients aren’t just notches on our belt. We partner with small to medium businesses, organizations, and non-profits, to discover what their real business need is. We guide our business partners into understanding what a website can do for them and how to properly utilize it.

Premiere WordPress Support

Our core product, WordHelix, provides businesses with a comprehensive WordPress support and management package. We take the hassle and worry out of running your website so you can focus on running your business.

  • managed security, backups, and monitoring
  • timely updates
  • priority support
  • custom development

Web Application Development

Software is our bread and butter. We place a lot of value in improving efficiency through the use of software to eliminate redundant and repetitive tasks. We can help optimize your workflow through internal facing web applications, or work with you to build your customer facing tool from the ground up.

  • internal and customer facing applications
  • Python with Django or Flask
  • WordPress plugin and application development
  • U.S.A. based development

Online Marketing Strategies

A tool without users is a wasted one, and a marketing strategy without the right tools is an inefficient one. Our holistic approach to online marketing combines content, software, and personal knowledge into a tightly wrapped bundle.

  • content driven marketing strategies
  • large focus on building brand personality
  • future-proof and forward thinking
  • tightly integrated with your website and online persona
At the root of every successful online business is the technology that makes it possible.

We form the bond between technology and business.

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